"... When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."  "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" 
Got to live this quote!!!
   Studying about the planets beyond our sun?.... Kind of things to live for!!!  

Thankful to SSERD.   


The past month has taken some unprecedented turn of events. Sci-fi has become reality. Apart from the fact that I got this amazing opportunity to work on this project virtually and could get so much done from the comfort of my home, what astonished me the most was the fact that I made some amazing friends online without ever physically meeting them. I'm thankful to SSERD - IPD's initiative, which allowed us to connect across the globe and work on this internship in such a frabjous manner. It was an awesome experience!

Tanmay pharlia

The time I spent working as a SSERD Intern was very valuable for me. Being part of the Exoverse team, studying, learning and working in a different field than what I do in my college, gave me a more holistic view of other fields and my own interests. From building up relationships with my team mates to grasping more experience and knowledge, Exoverse helped me lay a foundation for my future endeavours in the field of Space Science

Aishwarya pavate

My unparalleled experience at SSERD as an intern was very educative. I received guidance on improving my technical as well as soft skills from the mentors. I was teamed up with 14 amazing people who came from diverse backgrounds ranging from pure sciences to engineering. Working along with them I've learnt a great deal of team work and co-ordination. Most importantly, I received guidance on structuring a scientific research paper. Thank you SSERD for making this happen.

Shruti. K

This internship has led me to believe in making the impossible, possible! It has helped me hone various skills and unravel sides to me that I didn't know existed. We all started out as acquaintances, but this dutiful yet fun journey ended up with some beautiful memories being created that has now made exoverse close to being family. Glad to have been a part of it :)


Always wanted to work on some hands-on astronomy project asides the usual theory I come across. Then I met team Exoverse. An amazing family of 14. Fun, crazy climaxes, dynamic changes, constant learning, casual meetings, games&sessions and shared responsibilities all in less than 6 weeks. After 20 years I can say I finally found a place where I belong and resonate.